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Why Are Casino Slots Called “Pokies” In Australia?

If you have been around any casinos in Australia or any Australian site like casino Bambet Australia, you have heard the word “pokies” before. But what exactly does it mean? In the regional version of the English language, the word ‘pokies’ is a synonym for slot machines. Thus, pokies are precisely the same as slot machines for people living in Australia and New Zealand.

To learn the regional peculiarities of slot machine gambling in Australia, continue reading this article.

History Of Australian Pokies

Charles August Fay is the man who invented the pokey (the slot machine) in 1894. However, they evolved later and were not as modern as today. Poker machines, or slot machines, were first introduced to locals in Australia in the 1900s. With the expansion of poker machines among Australians, people started calling them pokies because it is simpler slang for poker machines.

As is well known, Australians like to abbreviate most words in the world. Therefore, the term “pokie” comes from “poker machine”, which is most likely why it is so called.

Today, the best Aussie online pokies real money sites use the word pokies a lot in relation to the progressive jackpot slot games. So, it is reasonable to know why it’s called that way.

How To Play The Pokies Online?

The standard online pokies operate simply for most countries. There are many different variations of casino games, and most have the same structure, but the pay line and the look of the symbols may differ.

Most online slots are played on a grid with three rows, and five columns also referred to as “reels.” A symbol marks each spot on the grid. There are about twelve different symbols that may show up. While one or two have special effects, most are regular symbols that can pay out payouts.

standard online pokies

Once you’ve chosen your bet amount, press the “play” button to start the reels spinning. There will be a new set of symbols on the grid. Paylines are typically used in slots to determine winners. A pay line is a group of symbols that spans one reel position on the grid. Three or more matching symbols must land on a pay line to be the winner. To win, you must have these symbols on consecutive reels, beginning with the far left reel. The more times a symbol appears on a pay line, the higher the payout is for each of the various payout rates.

Why Are Pokies So Popular In Australia?

The use of money in gambling is governed by Australian law. There was a time when gambling was done with actual money before the term “pokies” was used to describe slots. The physical machines changed to play video games online as government regulations increased. Because of the game’s popularity, the term “pokie” persisted. Today, online casinos offer hundreds of pokie machines.

Pokies are the most played game in the gambling industry in Australia. According to gambling participation, 4% of the adults there play it at least once a week, and about 80% of the adult Aussies engage in gambling in some way, which is the highest in the entire world. Since pokies obtained legal status, they became popular in no time, and the styles, structures, and pay lines of the pokies have improved a lot since then.

About 200k pokies machines are working in Australia, and there are many variations on the online pokies, which is why the government is trying to reduce its popularity. Horse racing and sports betting make up about 5.2% of the gambling there.

standard online pokies

Different Abbreviations For The Machine Slots In Other Countries

Slot machines and card games are the same game all over the world. Some countries have different names, as shown below. In England and Scotland, some call these slot machines ‘fruit machines‘ or ‘fruity’, but these are fun names for the machines. Around the world, some people call them “slot machines,” a slang term for pokey or slot machines.

As is well known, Australians like to abbreviate most words in the world. Therefore, the term “pokie” comes from “poker machine”, which is most likely why it is so called.

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