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How Did The Dogecoin Become An Immensely Successful Crypto Asset Despite Anonymity

Dogecoin was launched as a joke in December 2013, but it has nearly reached the $1 billion mark for total market capitalization and has entered the top 5 cryptocurrencies. What happened? How can something that started as an internet meme succeed? This article will explore the basics of Dogecoin Price and where it’s headed in the future.

The Inception Of Mesmeric Doge With Brighter Hopes For Future

Dogecoin started from a ramshackle approach but became a reality. Dogecoin was not a serious crypto asset until it became a reality. The doge meme it was named after is a popular way of referencing the Shiba Inu Coin popularity, which is an amazing fact.

Once its popularity grew, a programmer tweeted such coin as a joke in response to another user’s request for cryptocurrency advice. A few days later, he released an official version of the currency using the coin’s original name and donated 10 billion DOGE to get things started. It has since become one of the most traded cryptocurrencies across all exchanges.

The Commercial Value Of Doge Alongside Other Perks

Despite having limited commercial use, the crypto community has taken an interest in Doge due to its low price point, which makes it a good vehicle for microtransactions. In addition, some have been attracted by the novelty of this funny meme-based cryptocurrency; there are several fan groups on Reddit who call themselves shines or shabby. In January 2018.

Doge’s market cap surpassed USD 1 billion, making it one of only two coins with market caps above $1 billion and no central government backing. The coin gradually dropped out of crypto news territory as time passed and faded into obscurity.

However, throughout December 2017, when Bitcoin’s price increased significantly amid the price boom and speculative mania, traders found refuge in Dogecoin and other less expensive digital assets, including Litecoin and Ethereum Classic.

Some Important Aspects Of DogeCoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency originally started as a joke by Jackson Palmer but quickly gained popularity. As of writing this, it’s the 28th most popular cryptocurrency out there and is backed up by Elon Musk, who is in massive support of its future.

When Jackson Palmer first came up with the idea for Dogecoin, he was going to work on it after work hours as an exercise in building something new.

But then he got called into work on a project and didn’tneeded more time to keep working on his joke, so he posted the project link on Reddit. He had no idea what would happen next because no one knew who he was or whether they should take him seriously.

The post blew up, and people wanted more information about the coin, so he researched Bitcoin before coming back to post more details about how the coin would work. The funny meme that became a Cryptocurrency Market sensation: Dogecoin

Resemblance With Some Irrelevant Topics

Doge, the slang word for dog, is not just an internet meme. With Dogecoins, you can buy goods and services or give money to others. You can even use it to tip people who create or share great content. In other words, the uses are practically endless! As of January 1st, 2018, one Dogecoin is worth 0.00000052 BTC.

Doge’s market value is much lower than Bitcoin, Luna Ethereum, and Lunc. Still, as it continues to grow in popularity, many more applications will be created, which will increase its value on the market and help it compete with other coins on the market with more conventional currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One downside to Dogecoin is that it cannot handle large transactions efficiently, so buying coffee with bitcoin would cost less than Doge. The only way around this issue is if someone wanted to make larger transactions (over 100,000 DOGE) so that the transaction fee could compensate for the higher cost of conducting such transactions.

Conclusion Of The Topic

It’s important to note that Doge does not have any necessary association with the Shiba Inu breed of dogs; rather, the term was adopted by members of the cryptocurrency community as a lighthearted term referring to any coin or token. Doge is not a high-price authority, yet it makes its way to success.

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