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Cricket Betting Bookmaking Guide: Tips and Tricks for Successful Bookset Management

Terminologies used in online cricket betting can frequently be complicated to grasp, especially if you are new to the world of betting. However, you may increase your chances of winning by having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of betting and the many sorts of bets. In the blog, explore the ways to set a book in cricket betting and the various aspects of it.

Ways to Configure a Book while Betting on Cricket

  • In an online cricket betting websitelike Superwin, setting a book is akin to hedging your bets. It is done to make sure that you will win at least some money regardless of how the game turns out.
  • Your second wager’s stake should be high enough to cover any potential losses and still leave you with a profit. As a result, whether Australia wins or loses at the end of the game, you will come out ahead financially sound or at the very least even.

Booksets in India

Book sets in online cricket betting sites, often referred to as loss-cut or trade bets, are a common type of hedging bet used by cricket bettors in India. It serves as a safeguard to prevent bettors from losing money, regardless of how a game turns out. A bettor needs to understand local words like “Lagana” (backing) and “khana” (laying) to comprehend cricket betting in India.

When you wager on a team to win, you are using lagana; when you wager on a team to lose, you are using khana. Additionally, you need to comprehend the quotation of market rates (desi odds). A bettor would stand to win 50 paise on every rupee wagered on the outcome, for example, if a market rate of 50 p is stated (one rupee is equal to 100 paise).

Importance of Setting a Cricket Betting Book Set

Setting a book is the cricket equivalent of hedging your bets. It is done to make sure that, regardless of how the game plays out, you will finally leave with at least some money. To better understand the way a book is set, let’s look at an illustration:

If Australia opens the game against India as a favorite, you will “back” a bet, which means you predict Australia will win. As the game goes on, the Indian side plays well and has a chance to win. At that moment, you have the option to wager on Australia as a “lay,” which means you wager on Australia losing. How much you wager on will depend on your initial “back” bet and the odds in force at the time you placed the bet. In the event that you decide to make a second gamble, your investment should be sizable enough to offset any potential losses and turn a profit.


Once you have a rudimentary grasp of a book set, you can figure out what minimal odds you must use for your second wager to ensure a “loss cut.” Experienced gamblers in India utilize the bookmaking tool skillfully to ensure a consistent income from cricket betting while avoiding potential losses.

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