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A beginner’s guide to NBA betting

The NBA is unquestionably the biggest basketball league in the world, making it unsurprising that it is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the United States. Last year, the NBA final between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics was watched by more than 12.4 million people in the country, and for many of these fans betting on the game adds another level of excitement.

Placing bets on the NBA is becoming increasingly popular in the US and beyond. If you are completely new to betting or have yet to bet on NBA games, this handy guide will help you get started and help you to develop your own NBA betting strategy.

Where to begin

First of all you will want to find an online bookmaker where you can see and bet on the latest NBA odds like those on DraftKings. Odds are the amount that you can win versus how much you can bet.

In the United States the odds are displayed as either a bet or payout worth $100 dollars. You will see odds displayed with either a plus (+) or a minus sign (-), with the plus sign representing the underdog.

An example could be if the Chicago Bulls are the underdog with odds at +150 and you place a bet of $100, in this instance if the team won you would take home a sum of $250. However if they were a -150, you would have needed to bet $150 to win a payout of $100.

When signing up to a sportsbook site, look out for any promotions they have for new customers. You should also ensure the site has the appropriate licensing and keeps customer data secure. Looking for licensing / regulation information in the website footer, using comparison sites, reading online reviews and asking friends for recommendations can help with this.

The different types of bets you can make on the NBA

There are many types of bets you can make on the NBA and different sites offer different options. Here are some of the most popular types you will come across on online sportsbooks:

Moneyline bets

These are one of the most simple and common types of bets on NBA games, with this bet you simply pick which team you think is going to win.

Over\Under bets

With this type of betting, you must decide whether the team or the player you are betting on will get more or less points than the bookmaker site is predicting.

Spread bets

This is an alternative bet to even the odds when two teams are not evenly balanced. In this instance the favorite is put at a disadvantage and the underdog is given the edge.

Props bets

With a prop bet, rather than placing the bet on the final outcome of the game you bet on several facets of it. You might bet on a specific player’s performance or team performance, such as the number of three-pointers scored.

Future bets

Also, future bets typically begin from the off season. These types of bets are made for the long term and make a prediction on the playoffs or season result as a whole.

Betting tips

If you are a beginner at betting then it can be helpful to find some expert predictions to base your betting decisions off. You can do this by finding and following some NBA tipsters on social media.

It is also a good idea to read the NBA betting news, sportsbook sites often have a news section. News sites in general are good for keeping up to date with all the happenings in the NBA and for knowing when the next names are taking place.

Common mistakes that beginners make

Those new to NBA betting should try to avoid making some of the mistakes that are common with new betters

Not taking notice of team form

If you are serious about making bets then you should keep on top of team and player performance. What players are currently out on injury or what current events are impacting the team’s focus or management?

Ineffective bankroll management

Learn to manage your bankroll carefully and set yourself limits. It is often wise to start small, particularly if you are new to betting or watching the NBA league and still learning the ropes.

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